‘We Live in an Ocean of Air’ by Marshmallow Laser Feast @ Saatchi Gallery


A gentle, modest, peaceful virtual reality experience graces the basement of the Saatchi Gallery that everyone needs to experience. With almost no instructions, you are left to discover the delights of this strange world all on your own, so much so that if you haven’t been already, then read no further for spoilers be coming.

There are clever sensors built into the HTC Vive headsets, that track your breath as it comes out of your mouth, and sends beautiful particles flowing into the scene. If this wasn’t clever enough, your heartbeat is tracked by a sensor that you wear and elements in the experience pulse and react accordingly. You move around the space surrounded by other shuffling punters, but no one bumps into each other due to the delicate avatars that trace around your body, creating a ghostly sensation of seeing someone who isn’t quite there.

The best VR experience we have tried since The Void.