Incredible Immersive Art @ Museum Voorlinden in Den Haag

On a recent weekend in Amsterdam, I was tipped off to the presence of a modern art gallery hidden away in the leafy suburbs of Den Haag, that happens to specialise in immersive / spacial installations. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful gallery spaces I’ve ever visited, surrounded by lakes and gardens, and even an English style country house. The building itself was full of light and big open spaces, giant floor to ceiling windows framing the lush greenery outside as if it was another exhibit to be admired.

The art itself was a wonderful combination of different styles and ideas, all surprising and unexpected, rewarding you for your curiosity the more you investigate. Like with Olafur at the Tate the week before, I had actually referenced a few of the exhibits in moodboards without knowing they lived together in this one glorious space. The swimming pool being particularly famous to me, but it was in good company among other classics of the genre like Kasuma’s Infinity room, but in truth there were delights to be found around every corner.