Emmanuelle Moureaux’s ‘Slices of Time’ @ NOW Gallery, North Greenwich

A friend and I attended the opening “private viewing” for Emmanuelle Moureaux’s ‘Slices of Time’ expecting a exclusive event with free drinks and fancy nibbles, and so were slightly disappointed when half of London was queuing outside when we arrived! But once inside we were not disappointed.

The sheer scale of Emmanuelle’s paper sculptures hits you first, it took up the whole space and is custom built for which ever gallery is lucky enough to be hosting her beautiful work. But once you get closer you start to appreciate the craftsmanship and time that must have been spent tirelessly arranging and hanging a work of this intricacy. Your eyes struggle to take it all in, everything so vibrant and bold, not sure where to focus amongst the seemingly infinite layers.

The evening was capped off perfectly when wondering what the numbers actually represented, we noticed we we stood next the artist herself. Myself being too scared to ask, thankfully my friend was not, and she patiently pointed out that the title of the exhibition was a bit of a clue, that each layer represented a year, the colours of the years ahead full of colour and hope, the ones past, faded and grey.