‘Soundpit’ Multi Sensory Experience @ Southbank Centre

I dragged a few friends a long to this exhibition at the Southbank Centre one December Sunday morning and was a little embarrassed to find we were the only adults without children in the whole space! But once we overcame that awkwardness, we discovered a wonderfully playful and creative experience comprised of motion tracked sandpits, that respond to your movement with strange sounds and colourful visuals. The depth sensors of the tracking cameras work wonderfully with the sand, so as you dig down to deeper layers of sand, the projected graphics reveal ever more colourful subterranean patterns.

The audio element was slightly lost due to the number of people ‘re-mixing’ in each pit, but when you got a bit of time to yourself, you really did feel like you were stirring up a strange new masterpiece, giving the surprising sensation that you were physically touching the sounds.