Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience‎

My ever patient girlfriend foolishly agreed to come along to Dot Dot Dot’s brand new immersive experience, the day after a night of heavy drinking.  Despite the slight nausea, we were really impressed by how far they had pushed the production values and overall scale of the experience since last year’s Somnai. Making that many different technologies and elements work cohesively, with even a loose storyline to hold it together was a feat to be applauded.

The consideration they have given to every detail is great, from the set design to the acting talent, the sounds, smells and lights, to the haptic feedback and even flames! The VR elements are still a little scratchy, but that seems nitpicking for an overall experience that really excited us and seems to be proving that audiences really do have an appetite for this kind of immersive entertainment, even when hungover!








(all photos nicked from Google images due to not being allowed to take photos in the experience)